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A diversified portfolio shouldn't
be costly.

Invest in top private equity and venture capital firms on your terms.

Alternative assets are integral to a quality portfolio.

The Poolit Promise

Industry-low minimums

We are fiduciaries not asset aggregators. We are confident that we can curate portfolios of best-in-class managers that generate attractive returns. Invest what is meaningful to you.

No sales loads

We want you to reach your full return potential. Sales loads are transaction fees that reduce the size of your initial investment and erode returns.

No exceptions

We curate portfolios based on track record and merit only, We don't get paid marketing fees and we dont let a firm's branding override our three-phase diligence process.

We never waiver on our commitment to deep diligence.

We partner with a multi-trillion dollar investment advisor to help bring institutional-grade diligence to your portfolio.

Every opportunity we offer goes through a rigorous primary research process to ensure its quality. This due diligence covers everything from market attractiveness and investment track record to cybersecurity risk.

We also perform primary analysis including bespoke performance modeling, onsite interviews with investment teams, and reference checks. You benefit directly from out commitment to investment excellence.

Our teams' networks and our partnerships enable us to source allocations from many legendary fund managers. That recognition is never factored into nor is it ever a substitute for our diligence process.

We’re a group of investors, engineers, and former special forces officers on a mission to help you realize your full portfolio potential. Before partnering to form Poolit, we were builders at:

Carlyle, Coatue, Coinbase, Goldman Sachs, Visa, and the US Military.

Portfolio diversification at your fingertips.

Invest confidently through our web platform or mobile application. Always backed by the Poolit Promise.

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