May 1, 2022

Meet Evan

When I first met Evan, I huddled with my team and we all said in unison: he’s our guy. Sure, Evan has nearly 20 years’ experience working at companies like Disney and Citi, but there’s more to Evan than a pristine resume. Evan is not your typical marketer. Unlike other candidates, he didn’t pitch us on the power of performance over brand or vice versa. Evan’s philosophy was one I’d never heard.

A few moments into our interview he said: “People date brands. Why will investors get up every day and choose to date you?” When we drilled in further, we uncovered more than just philosophy. Evan went deep into measurement: “What KPIs prove that people are choosing to date you and that the relationship isn’t heading south?“ I knew he had the Poolit spirit when he proactively started conversations about the research he had done on CAC for fintech and went deep on ways to measure the impact of our organic marketing so that we can bypass pain points our competitors keep running into. Every reference check confirmed that we indeed found a gem: the perfect mix of left brain and right brain with a splash of eccentricity.

Working with Evan through his first week has been fantastic. Our team is largely composed of new operators and his deep bench of executive experiences shine through in the insights he brings to management syncs. His energy permeates through our Zooms (can’t wait for the move to Miami next month!). As we orient our business around our users and build new experiences to help them realize the return on their full potential, I am so excited to watch the impact he will have on our organization!

Welcome to the team, Evan.