May 16, 2022

Meet Nicholas

“Seeing the Poolit team’s passion for solving the access issue in a way that puts investors first spoke to the core of my training in the nonprofit sector, and it convinced me that this was the perfect opportunity for me to contribute to a generational shift in the way people invest.”- Nicholas Gomez

Nicholas Gomez comes from a background of working in the highest echelon of the financial world. Having experience working at Yale University’s endowment before taking a position at Boston Consultant Group focusing on private equity transactions, and at Northwestern University focusing on private market investing, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge to the Poolit team. After joining, he participated in a short interview to let the Poolit community become acquainted with our new head of investment partnerships.

What did you do before joining Poolit?

Nick: Before Poolit, I advised private equity firms as a consultant at BCG and spent several years in institutional investing at the Yale and Northwestern endowments. I studied engineering in college, but found a new calling after alternative investments quickly captivated me during my first internship on Wall Street. I’ve focused my career on understanding the power that private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds have in building a great investment portfolio.

How did you hear about Poolit?

Nick: Poolit’s CEO & Founder Dakotah Rice and I first met in high school, where I came to know him as a stellar friend and a one-of-a-kind leader. When I heard that he was launching Poolit, I reached out to learn more about his vision and mission, and it all instantly clicked.

Why did you decide to join Poolit?

Nick: Since the turn of the decade, personal finance and investing have taken off on social media, creating many first-time investors who are looking to secure their financial futures and live fuller lives. Poolit’s mission to provide overlooked investors with access to financial products that have traditionally been limited to only the most elite institutions is arriving at the perfect time to serve these individuals.

First impressions of the team?

Nick: I could not be more impressed by the team Poolit has built to make widespread access to premier alternative investment opportunities a reality. Collaboration, iteration, and thoughtfulness are table stakes for this group of rockstars, and the pure passion and integrity that our CEO Dakotah Rice, our CTO Matt Binder, and our growing collection of engineers, marketers, and subject matter experts bring to pursuing our vision is hard to match. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

As the Poolit team seemingly grows by the day, we are all becoming more aware of the challenges ahead while becoming better able to face those challenges head on. Nick is a welcomed addition to the Poolit community and we are all excited to see what our shared future has in store.